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Mason's Travel Excursions

Seychelles and its 115 islands beckon travellers looking to explore and experience all that this island paradise has to offer.  Whilst this is the perfect place to relax on the beach and do as little as possible, there are also plenty of activities for those who wish to explore the islands or partake in a selection of exciting activities.


With a rich historical and cultural legacy, this small island nation holds many treasures for the inquisitive traveller, whilst nature lovers will be spell-bound by the array of breath-taking sceneries and interesting land, air and marine species (many of them rare and endemic).


From diving and snorkelling the colourful coral gardens to hiking the mountains and valleys through lush tropical forests, to exploring the archipelago by sea - whether fishing, surfing or zip-lining your holiday away - Seychelles has plenty to offer!


  • Our excursions depart from 9am and should you be requiring transfers, your Representative will be able to advise you of your pick-up time


  • Our tours include the service of English and French speaking Guides – other languages are available upon request


  • As your safety is our priority, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the excursion due to bad weather or if the minimum number of participants has not been reached


  • Some excursions may include a wet landing, please request a bag to protect your valuable items


  • Prior to purchasing any excursions, please advise us of any medical conditions you may have


  • Our Catamarans are catered with Snorkelling gear for those wishing to explore the underwater aquarium

View Our Selection of Excursions

We make it easy and affordable to get the very best of the Seychelles experience. View our portfolio of exciting excursions!

Other Activities in Seychelles

Not only do we have a great selection of Excursions on offer, but we can also book your preferred activities during your stay. View what's p

Private Tours & A La Carte Services

We know that not everyone is the same, so why should your Seychelles experience be?  Let us tailor-make your perfect activity & excursion itinerary!

Free Guide to Excursions and Activities in Seychelles

Whether you’re a Tour Operator or a tourist, this convenient guide will be your handbook filled with all the information you need to experience the best that Seychelles has to offer

Mason’s Travel has carefully designed a portfolio of exciting excursions and activities that showcase the best of what the islands have to offer, making it convenient and affordable for you or your clients to enjoy an action-packed Seychelles getaway!


Travel Agents / Tour Operators


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Please Note:

Why Choose Mason's Travel?

•An array of excursions available on a daily basis


•All Excursions include transfers to and from your hotel


•Tourist Service desks at main hotels and central points on the various islands


•A Duty Manager is available 24/7 for all your needs and queries


•All our staff members are equipped with mobile phones to liaise with our Head Office


•Our Catamarans are catered with life vests and snorkelling gear (free of charge)


•Our tours include the service of English and French speaking Guides – other languages are available upon request


•Our Catamarans are equipped with toilet facilities


•All our vehicles and sea fleet are equipped with the latest safety requirements recognised by international standards and appropriately insured


•We include local businesses in our excursions to support the Seychelles economy


•Our team consists of more than 250 dedicated staff at your disposal throughout the main islands

Did You Know? We are ISO Accredited, and were the first DMC in the country to receive the ISO 9001:2000 Certification.