Frequently Asked Questions about visiting Seychelles

Are there any Covid-19 travel restrictions in Seychelles?

Please visit our Covid-19 resource page for the latest information and up-dates.

When is the best time to visit the Seychelles?

Seychelles enjoys a warm, tropical climate all year round, so any time that fits into your client's calendar – works well with us! We do like to advise our guests that Seychelles has two main weather seasons, named North West and South East Monsoon which effects lcal climatic conditions, please see the 'Weather in Seychelles' page under the ``destination Info`` section of this website.

My clients are a family wanting to travel to Seychelles, is this destination catered for young children?

Seychelles is the ideal place for families. This is a destination that is very safe and friendly so one can roam freely to the various beaches and simply enjoy the island lifestyle! There are several resorts that have highly equipped Kids Clubs but smaller establishments offer Babysitting services. With the calm and shallow seas for the toddlers or numerous water sports for the teenagers, there is something for any age.

Do you recommend that our clients do some island hopping – it sounds complex?

To visit only one of the Seychelles islands would be an opportunity missed as this destination offers such a variety of experiences due to the diversity of the islands. There are some logistical hurdles in organizing the transfers, but that is where we come in to ensure a smooth journey. Just let us know which islands you or your clients would like to visit and we can plan it all for you.

As my clients are travelling 'light', I need to know if the hotels provide beach towels?

Most hotels offer the complimentary service of beach towels for their guests. Should you be residing in a Guest House or Self-Catering unit, it is better to confirm this upon booking. Our reservations agent will assist.

What is the baggage allowance on domestic air transfers?

Should your clients be connecting from an international flight there is some flexibility with the luggage allowance, up to 23kg per person. However, should your clients be transferring without an international flight connection, the baggage allowance is 15kg. Please advise your clients to ensure to keep to this requirement especially for outer island destinations. Your Reservations agent will advise you upon booking of the luggage allowance.

Are most hotel rooms catered with Mosquito Nets?

Yes, most of the main hotels do have mosquito nets available for the use by the guests. We advise to bring along some mosquito repellent especially if you are planning on hiking and visiting the Vallee de Mai. The mosquitoes in Seychelles do not carry any life-threatening diseases such as malaria, it will just result in some discomfort. Please pack all the necessary to make for an enjoyable stay.

Our clients would love to visit Aldabra – is this possible?

Aldabra is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the Seychelles. There is no hotel accommodation on the island and access by visitors is restricted and highly monitored in order to protect the very fragile ecosystem. There are Yacht Charters available that may cater for this, please speak to our reservations team should you be interested in receiving a quotation.

We like the idea of cruising around the different islands – are there any floating accommodation options available?

This is certainly a beautiful way to explore the Seychelles and there are several options to choose from in selecting the right floating accommodation for your clients needs. Our Reservations agent will be happy to let you know of the different options and itineraries available.

Our clients are very keen fishermen and would like to come to Seychelles to experience the fishing in the Indian Ocean – do you practice catch and release?

With increasing awareness on Catch & Release options, many of the subcontractors affiliated with Masons Travel, supports this practice – and so do we! We can recommend various subcontractors that are selected by Masons Travel for their standards, practice and quality price and product ratio. Fishing available in Seychelles is world class and truly an experience not to be missed!