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Cousin, Curieuse, St.Pierre   |  

Enjoy a sailing adventure from Praslin as you island hop between Cousin, Curieuse, St.Pierre islands - each with its own diversity and beauty!

   Join us on an action packed, full-day adventure and discover the splendour of 3 magnificent islands

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Island Hop: Set Sail and Explore 3 Unique Islands

Your first stop is Cousin Island. This beautiful nature reserve and pristine ecosystem plays host to some of Seychelles rarest birds and other endemic species. Experienced guides will share all the secrets of this magical island with you.


Then hop on to Curieuse Island National Marine Park where a unique island eco-system awaits. Anchored here, enjoy the scenery whilst savouring a delicious Creole lunch onboard.


Next on the list is Isle St. Pierre. This little island offers you the perfect chance to swim or snorkel in the crystal waters surrounding the island, offering a unique perspective of the colourful life beneath the surface.

Finally, Catalina will slowly make her way back to Praslin as you enjoy a relaxing cruise to end off the day.

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National Parks Lunch Included

Snorkeling & Swmming

Creole Lunch Included


Nature Interest

Visit 3 Islands

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Full-Day Excursion

Hiking / Walking (very easy)

Meals: Lunch and beverages included     |      Departure: Baie St. Anne jetty, Praslin

What to Bring: Sun Screen, Cameras, Swimming, Walking Shoes, Mosquito Repellent, Beach Towel

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The Mason's Travel Island Hop: Cousin, Curieuse & St. Pierre

Snorkel Mask Hiking Island Visit sailing

Photo Opportunities

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PLEASE NOTE: This Excursion is only avaialble to guests based on Praslin Island.

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Reef Safari

Mahe Discovery Tour


Peaks of Paradise

Island Combo: Praslin & La Digue

Vallée de Mai Half-Day

Praslin:Vallée de Mai/ Anse Lazio

Escape to La Digue

La Digue by Bike & Boat

Cousin, Curieuse, St.Pierre Islands

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