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31 Mar 2021

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At Mason’s Travel we have the privilege of interacting with wonderful guests from around the world, everyday. Many of these interactions take place before our guests arrive in Seychelles, and during their stay in paradise. Sometimes we receive heartfelt feedback from guests after they have left our shores, to let us know how much they enjoyed living the Seychelles experience. Last week, we received a very special letter and recommendation from a client that travelled with us back 2019: 


By way of introduction, [I was] a guest of Seychelles back in January of 2019.  I was a traveler with the company Traveleyes International, that provides international trips around the world, for those who are blind or visually impaired.  It was an extraordinary experience to visit Seychelles, the most beautiful country I have travelled to thus far

Your company provided the guide (Celisse Zelime) and transportation (Jeffrey Moses Sibanda) for our 9-day stay on the island.  I am late to send you correspondence to tell you how impressed I was with your organization during our stay, but during this time of the pandemic think often of my travels, and more importantly of the people I have met across the world and what a difficult time it must be for all, especially those owning companies, or working for them, in the travel industry.

Your company has provided the best service I have had of any of my visits in many countries.

Celisse was the greatest.  Native of Seychelles, her knowledge of Seychelles was top-notch and her guide skills, excellent!  She fully understood the needs of our special needs group moving at the pace that was best for our group, and providing a caring oversight of our group.  Everything was so well organized and appropriately spaced out, it definitely made our trip the best it could be!

I would also like to bring to attention our van driver, Jeffrey Moses.  Quite honestly, on other tours I have been on, the driver is quite detached from the group.  No smile, no conversation, just “doing their job”.  Jeffrey was different.  A very kind and gentle man, he genuinely cared for our group.  He came every day with the biggest smile and kind words.  He was so kind to us and helped out whenever possible.  On our last day when our group provided small speeches to thank them for their service, Jeffrey stood up in the van and also gave us a small speech, regarding all that we had taught him about our strength as disabled people and how to truly live life and not let things get in our way.  His heartfelt speech brought tears to my eyes.

Both of these individuals, I feel, [are] a true asset to your organization.

Kind regards,

January 2019 Guest

Submitted, March 2021, by a valued Mason's Travel client

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