Seychelles Tourism Pioneers Honoured

This year World Tourism Day coincided with the launch of the fourth annual Seychelles Tourism Festival.
A full week of industry-focused activities kicked off with a ceremony which recognized, remembered and honoured pioneers of Seychelles’ tourism industry.

In an address by Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Sylvestre Radegonde, tourism industry ground-breakers were thanked for all that they have done – and continue to do – to promote the growth of one of Seychelles’ most significant commercial sectors.

Held on a bright and sunny day in the Seychelles Tourism Academy’s Pioneers Park, the Minister, together with Principal Secretary for Tourism, Ms. Sherin Francis, unveiled a commemorative plaque that listed each of the 10 pioneers honoured. Mason’s Travel’s own founder, Kathy Mason, and her husband, Mickey, were recognized for their significant and on-going contributions to Seychelles tourism.

Their daughter, Allison, accepted the recognition on their behalf.

The entire team at Mason’s Travel would like to share and echo Seychelles Tourism’s sentiments of appreciation and gratitude to these two trail-blazers, whose dedication and commitment has helped to position Seychelles in the global travel industry.


The personalities recognised this year are Mrs Doris Calais, Mrs Mary and Mr Albert Geers, Ms Gemma Jessie, Mrs Jeanne Legge, Mr Lars-Eric Linblad, Mrs Kathleen and Mr Michael Mason, Mr Joseph Monchouguy, Mr Marcel Moulinie, Mrs Jenny Pomeroy, and Mr Guy and Mrs Marie-France Savy.

“This is the first time we recognise people who still live. We believe that we need to give people the recognition while they are alive. It is good that they know that their contribution is appreciated,” said Minister Radegonde.

In his opening remarks the minister paid tribute to all those who have played a significant part in the Seychelles tourism industry, observing a moment of silence for those who are no longer with us.

“The event is an opportunity to remember and honour the ground breakers of the Seychelles Tourism industry. Everyone in the industry plays a vital role. I am happy we are here today remembering all those who have worked hard to make the industry where it is today. We are honouring 10 pioneers but that are many more to follow. To those who are here, there has been a lot of passion in what you have done for industry and we are grateful for that.”

Taking advantage of the location at which the ceremony was held where the nation’s future hospitality and tourism professionals are being formed, the minister emphasized that the pioneers being honoured should be an example to the youth, reminding them that working in the tourism industry is tough, but that with commitment and hard work nothing is impossible. “The people we recognise today have been in the industry for many years, and people who know them saw how they started out – really small, and how through hard work they have been able to make it to where they are today.”

2021 marks the sixth year since the Tourism pioneers are being recognised, an initiative started by former tourism minister, Mr. Alain St Ange. Attending the event at STA were Minister for Local Government & Community Affairs Mrs. Rose-Marie Hoareau, former ministers responsible for Tourism Mr. Alain St. Ange and Mrs Simone Marie-Anne de Comarmond, Principal Secretary for Tourism Sherin Francis and Director of the Seychelles Tourism Academy Mr Terrence Max.

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