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Astove Atoll

One of the most remote inhabited islands in Seychelles, Astove Atoll features a rugged and dramatic landscape with limestone rock and sand dunes rising against the horizon. It’s an environment which has had very little human impact placed on it in recent decades.

Location Guide:

From Alphonse to Astove  - approximately  3 hours

Astove Atoll is reachable only by flight from Mahe to Alphonse Atoll, followed by a flight to Astove Atoll. There is no direct flight to Astove Atoll. Transfer Flights are only on Mondays & Thursdays.

Room Stock:

06 x Double Rooms - Maximum 2 adults.

Restaurants & Bars:

Astove Coral House offers a superb dining experience whether guests prefer either the indoor or outdoor dining area. The menu usually comprises an English Breakfast, a buffet for lunch or a packed picnic lunch anywhere else on the island. The diner is served in the dining room.

Chefs are committed to Seychellois Creole-style cuisines with freshly caught fish being the key ingredient. Sundowners are enjoyed most evenings at a beautiful spot on the beach, allowing everyone to gather and discuss the events of the day.

Room Amenities:

Air Conditioning (included), Bathroom with shower/w.c

Hotel Facilities & Services:

Dining Area, Fishing & Activity Centre, Laundry Service (at cost), Lounge Area

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