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So you are thinking of selling M.I.C.E services in Seychelles or planning a once off event?  Well you’ve come to the right place.


Beyond the breath-taking natural beauty of this exclusive paradise, Seychelles offers global air link connectivity, world-class accommodation and cutting edge telecommunications, bundled with an array of activities and attractions, all in a malaria and cyclone free environment. With no need for entrance visas and a large selection of venues to suit your requirements, this is the ideal destination for your upcoming event.


We have made it easy for you to get started. Simply download our Free Guide to Selling M.I.C.E in Seychelles for a detailed introduction to what it takes to achieve success and plan/sell Seychelles as an exclusive destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events.


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How to get here


How to get around


Accommodation options

What you need to know about Seychelles


The different islands to choose from


Seychelles Destination Overview





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  Our Free Guide covers the following topics to assist you in planning of the big day:  

Simply fill in this form and we will immediately send you the download link for your Free Guide to Selling M.I.C.E. in Seychelles, so that you can start planning your event or designing your Seychelles sales strategy today!




The Mason's Travel Team


P.S. And remember Mason’s Travel is always here to help. With over 40 years in the industry, we have the know-how and expertise to assist you in planning unforgettable events in Seychelles, at the most competitive prices.

Types of activities and excursions,

complete with sample itineraries


Conference venues/facilities


And more!

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