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Experience La Digue; the laid back atmosphere of island living, here the bicycle is the favoured mode of transport and time moves slowly in the light of sunny island charm. La Digue is home to the Paradise Flycatcher, one of the rarest birds in the world. There is a very good chance of sighting one on this tour.

Escape to La Digue   |  

Discover the charm of this beautiful, laid-back island

Arrive at the quaint and picturesque harbour before setting off on a leisurely guided tour through the village of La Passe and along the narrow island streets and pathways to the historic L’ Union Estate. Here a traditional Créole estate house sits amongst towering coconut palms as a restored copra mill is powered by an ox. These, along with the old boatyard, offer a unique glimpse into the early days of Seychelles’ history.

Join us, as we discover La Digue, a beautiful island where time stands still and life moves slow

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From there you will be guided to the world famous Anse Source d’Argent –the most photographed beach in the world – with its magnificent granitic boulders creating a unique landscape set on white sands and lapped by crystal clear waters.  

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Lunch Included

Snorkeling* & Swmming

Lunch Included

Historical Interest

Bird Watching

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Full-Day Excursion

Walking (very easy)

Meals: Buffet Lunch included           |     Departure: This can be arranged from various departure points

What to Bring: Sun Screen, Cameras, Swimwear, Snorkelling Gear, comfortable walking shoes

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Escape to La Digue Island, with Mason's Travel

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Photo Opportunities

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*PLEASE NOTE: Snorkeling equipment is NOT provided for this excursion, and guests are required to bring their own

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Island Combo: Praslin & La Digue

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Escape to La Digue

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