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Cousin, Curieuse, St.Pierre Islands

La Digue by Boat and Bike

Praslin:Vallée de Mai/ Anse Lazio

MT.com_Excursions_tiles_Anse Lazio Vallee de Mai

Escape to La Digue

Praslin:Vallée de Mai Half-Day

Island Combo: Praslin & La Digue

Mahé: Discovery


Mahé: Reef Safari

In which languages are the tours conducted in? Can you arrange a private linguistic guide to accompany me during the tour?


All guided tours are held in English & French as all of our Guides are fluent in both languages. Other languages such as German, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Spanish are available upon request. There are scheduled tours in the above languages as outlined here below. Should you wish to have a private linguistic guide exclusively for your group/family, this can be organized at an additional cost.


What are the departure times for the excursions?

Most excursions start at 9:00. Should you wish to experience an excursion that is starting from another island, please advise us so we can organize your inter-island ferry tickets to ensure that you are at the correct departure point in time be part of the excursion.


Are any of the excursions suitable for infants & children?

Most of our Excursions are suitable for infants and children. Generally, the children greatly enjoy the catamaran cruises as they are able to feed the fish and they especially enjoy excursions where they can see Giant Tortoises. Peaks of Paradise is one of our listed Excursions which does involve a light hike about 90 mins, so if you have infants or young children, please bear this in mind.


What kinds of meals are prepared onboard the catamaran excursions?

The sea-based excursions held on the Mason’s Travel catamarans are equipped with a buffet lunch. This buffet lunch has a selection of rice, salads, barbecued chicken and fish.


I am vegetarian; can you please advise if you have a vegetarian spread?

We certainly have vegetarian dishes available, so please advise us at the time of booking so we can cater appropriately for your preferred meal plan.


Is drinking water supplied during the excursions?

The excursions listed have corresponding icons which illustrate what is included on the tours. For those tours where drinking water is included, this will be displayed below these icons in the text information section. The excursions that don’t offer drinking water, will not display 'beverages included.


What happens if there is very bad weather on the day of the excursion —can I reschedule or get a refund?

Should there be bad weather on the day of the excursion; the Operations team will decide whether the excursion will still take place. At times, one part of the island is experiencing a strong down pour, yet the other side is very calm and sunny. The Mason’s Travel team will be advising you should there be a cancellation in which case you will receive a full refund or have the option to reschedule for the next available date.


Do I need to bring along towels where there is swimming involved?

Yes, please bring along your towels for any excursions with swimming opportunities. Each Excursion displayed is referenced with icons of what to bring for your outing.


Do you offer a drop-off and pick-up service from the hotel to the meeting point of the Tour?

Yes, all excursions booked through Mason’s Travel are inclusive of a pick-up from your hotel and a drop-off to your hotel at the end of the day. Please ensure that you advise us of the correct hotel of residence so we can in turn let you know of your pick-up time. Please respect your pick-up times as our transportation has a schedule to follow and cannot wait for passengers that are running late. Thank you in advance for respecting the scheduled times.


Do I need to bring my snorkelling equipment along for the excursions?

All the catamarans are fully equipped with snorkelling gear for all passengers onboard, hence there is no need for your snorkelling equipment on; Reef Safari, Peaks of Paradise, South Shore Cruise, Cousin, Curieuse, St.Pierre, Sister & Coco Islands and Coco, Félicité, Curieuse Islands. Should you prefer to bring your own gear, please do so. The other excursions which are not undertaken by the catamarans will require you to bring along your own snorkelling equipment if there is time to be spent at the beach.


How long does it take to travel by ferry from Mahe to Praslin?

The inter-island ferry trip from Mahe to Praslin takes about 1 hour. The inter-island ferry between Praslin and La Digue takes 15 minutes.


Which excursions do you recommend?

The excursions available offer a wide variety of activities and have been well planned for guests so they can sample the authentic Seychelles experience. We make sure that our excursions are the best of the best —so of course we recommend them all. As each individual has their unique preferences, opinions may vary on which is the best. In the excursions available, we have shown icons of what each one would include such as cultural visit, snorkelling, giant tortoises etc. This way, you are in a better position to decide which tour would suit you best based on your preferences.


Do you offer Group Discounts?

Please advise us if you are travelling in a large group as we will gladly cater to your group and recommend more cost-effective options.


What is the refund/cancellation policy in the event of inclement weather or unexpected circumstances?

Mason’s Travel reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any tour prior to departure and decline to accept or retain any person as member of any tour at any time. Should there be a cancellation due to bad weather/unexpected circumstances; clients will be reimbursed 100%. Cancellation is not accepted less than 24 hours before the departure of a Boat Excursion and 48 hours before departure of an Air Excursion. Should you be unwell and unable to participate on the excursion, please provide us with your medical certificate for a full refund.


I tend to suffer from seasickness, which excursions would you recommend?

A lot of the excursions offered are sea based on one of the Catamarans, involving many stops to different islands or snorkelling spots. Therefore, you are not on the boat for the whole duration of the day and this allows you the chance to recoup if you are feeling unwell. Additionally, our fleet of Catamarans are very large vessels, so most people comment that they don’t feel the motion as much as the smaller vessels. However, should you wish to avoid sea-based excursions, the Mahe Discovery Bus Tour is very popular or opt for a Deluxe Car with private Guide/Chauffeur to make your own itinerary of the locations you choose to visit.  


We would love to visit Aldabra —is this possible?

Aldabra is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the Seychelles. There is no hotel accommodation on the island and access by visitors is restricted and highly monitored in order to protect the very fragile ecosystem.  There are Yacht Charters available that may cater for this, however the opportunities are periodic and need to be planned well in advance. Should you wish to receive more information, please contact our reservations team on [email protected]


We are very keen fishermen and would like to experience fishing in the Indian Ocean —do you practice Catch & Release?


With increasing awareness on Catch & Release options, many of the subcontractors affiliated with Masons Travel, supports this practice —and so do we! We can recommend various subcontractors that are selected by Masons Travel for their standards, practice and quality price and product ratio. Fishing available in Seychelles is world class and truly an experience not to be missed! Please advise us of your budget and availability and we will advise you on the best options.

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Mahé: Peaks of Paradise

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