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Luxury Private Islands:

Islands dedicated to a single, luxury private island escape


Small Hotels: 

Hotels with less than 20 rooms.


Self-Catering Properties: 

Small properties, which offer clients the facilities to cook and prepare their own meals and to be able to set their own pace for their holidays.


Holiday Homes:

Similar type of accommodation to Villas, however this is more of a home or house, rather than a luxury Villa.

From affordable self-catering chalets , small hotels through to luxury private islands, Seychelles has an abundance of accommodation options to suit any budget or desire. From seaside resorts to mountaintop retreats, there is something for everyone in Seychelles. However, with so many options spanning a multitude of different islands, picking the accommodation option that is perfect for you or your clients can be a momentous task.


Thankfully, our friendly staff are experts in accommodation bookings in Seychelles, and with over 40 years of experience behind us, Mason’s Travel has formed lasting relationships with all the major hotel groups as well as the smaller, privately owned establishments.  We carefully select the establishments with which we partner, ensuring that you have a wealth of choice and variety, all backed by our guarantee of service and quality excellence.


Luxury Private Island Resorts


Seychelles is known for its “one island, one resort” policy, whereby some of the most exquisite and pristine islands in the archipelago have been demarcated to a single resort, making for an exclusive and luxurious island getaway   second to none. No crowds, no distractions, just paradise!


These include; Denis Private Island, North Island, Fregate, St. Anne,  Desroches and Six Senses Zil Pasyon, among others, all of which Mason’s Travel has contracted and competitive rates

Other Island Resorts


Not all islands have been designated to one luxury resort, and you can also find great accommodation off the main islands of Praslin and Mahé.


These include islands such as La Digue and Cerf, as well as various special  islands such as Bird Island and Cousine.  


We know Seychelles best, and Mason’s Travel can ensure you or your clients find the perfect accommodation for their needs.


Smaller Establishments


Mason’s Travel has carefully selected the best small hotels, guest houses, self-catering properties, villas and holiday homes across the Seychelles, ensuring that you or your clients have a wide variety of options to suit any budget or preference.


Whether looking for an affordable self-catering holiday home  or an exclusive luxury villa and everything in between, we know Seychelles best.

Large Hotels & Resorts


Mason’s Travel is affiliated with some of the world’s leading hotel brands represented in Seychelles, such as Hilton, Four Seasons, Kempinski, Raffles, Banyan Tree and Savoy, as well as various other privately owned and lesser known establishments across the archipelago.


From affordable 3 star to the luxury and exclusivity of a 5+ star experience, Mason’s Travel can ensure you or your clients find the perfect accommodation for their needs.

 The various types of accommodation on offer in Seychelles include:  

All our trade partners not only get expert, on hand support and service from our dedicated staff, but once contracted with Mason’s Travel, our partners are granted access to our Partner Log-in Dashboard, offering a wealth of downloadable resources, including Hotel Factsheets, Guides to Selling and Packaging Seychelles, Image banks, Sample itineraries, Travel Guides and various Marketing Material to assist them in selling the destination.  Sign Up Today, CLICK HERE!

Accommodation Options

Find the perfect place to stay in Seychelles!

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Not only can we offer sound advice on where to stay, but offer you the most competitive rates available, providing you or your clients with the most suitable arrangements for your needs.


Large Hotels:

Large hotels across the archipelago, from three to 5 star.


Guesthouses :

Smaller properties which do not offer same level of amenities & facilities as the small hotels. This may or may not have a restaurant and usually have less than 10 rooms.



Accommodation which is usually one property which can be rented out as a whole villa or as individual rooms.

This type of accommodation can usually be booked on room only basis. Ideal for large groups or family bookings and can be considered as luxurious.

For a more adventurous holiday, and a chance to be able to explore the Seychelles islands more freely, Mason’s Travel can arrange accommodation aboard a boat or yacht. Whether bareboat or fully crewed and from per-cabin to  luxury private charter, we have a wide variety of options available.

Discover more of Seychelles with an Island Hopping Holiday! Let Mason’s Travel design the ultimate multi-island stay for you or your clients, tailored to suit any budget or preference.

Floating Accommodation

Island Hopping  

Looking for something Different?  

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